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Join us for Happy Hour! 

Weekdays 4-6 p.m.
$1.00 Off
Beer, Wine and Liquor

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Featured Drinks

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Bottled Beer

Amstel Light, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Corona, Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA, Fat Tire Amber Ale, Heineken, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Stella Artois, Stone IPA, Yuengling Lager



Draft Beer

Angry Orchard, Blue Moon, Boddingtons, Budweiser, Coors Light, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Goose island IPA, Guinness, Harp, Leinenkugels Seasonal, Miller Lite, Sam Adams Seasonal, Stella Artois, Troegs Seasonal, Yuengling Lager